E-Mail Enterprise Pro
Enterprise Pro Introductions

Mail Enterprise Pro is a robust emailing system that will handle all your heavy interoffice emails, over a secured network & will protect your sensitive communications.

This will not only save on your cost of printing & mailing regular information to your network of people, but also protect your company from the fastest growing number of Virus threats and gives you a Spam Free emailing service.

Mail Enterprise Pro facilitates the communication between a network of people, who can be YOUR
1. Employees
2.  Agents
3. Consultants
4. Dealers
5. Distributors

Product Features & Advantages
  • Provides your Network of people with a unique email id.
  • Reliability - Email Solution with 99.99% uptime since 6 years.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Data Transfer
  • No hardware, No software requirements for installation.
  • Dedicated and Updated Anti Viruses and Anti Spam filters.
  • Spacious Mail Box size - 200 MB to 25 GB
  • Attachments - Large size attachments -up to 20 MB.
  • Address book - Import addresses from other mail accounts.
  • Filters - Message filters based on pre-defined words.
  • Preferences - Facility for better email management.
  • Mobile access - Access your mail, while on move, using GPRS.
  • Newsletter - Bulk targeted Emails, to all users within your domain
  • Secured - Ensures safe and quick delivery of crucial information.
  • Welcome Page - Customizable User welcome page over the web.
  • Admin Control Panel - To Manage & Monitor Users & Mail Boxes.
  • MIS Reports - Access to detailed user wise reports in real time using MIS Interface.
In addition to all these advantages you get an Exclusive Corporate Branding, using your company logo over the web-based interface.
E.g. http://mail.yourdomainname.com
Mail Enterprise Pro provides you with the following modules.
 The Administrator module to manage users and their mail boxes
User Interface module - to access their mails
The core of this solution will be the Administrative Control Panel, which incorporates administrative access and privileges.
The Administrator Module - Administrator Control Panel

Various features provided under the Administrative Control Panel are as follows:-

1. User management: - This feature allows Administrator to manage all user activities like Add User, Delete User, and Change Password etc.

2. Domain Management: - This feature provides the proposed domain along with a home page hosting facility for all the Users, where Administrator can Create/Edit Home Page, Manage/Upload files etc.

3. Bulk Tasks: - This feature enables Administrator to complete bulk/voluminous tasks at a time there by saving a lot of time. For example adding/deleting a bulk number of users/email id.

4. MIS Reports: - It gives Administrator an access to reports in real time that includes Usage of accounts and Renewal status.

5. Newsletters: - It helps in communication processing as the Administrator can send bulk emails to various targeted users/Email ID's.


This feature gives Administrator a control over all type user management activities and enables him to manage them in an efficient manner.

  1. Add User/Email id- It enables the Administrator to add a single user/ email id at any given time.
  2. Delete User/email id- It enables the Administrator to delete a single user / email id at any given time.
  3. Search User/email id- A user/email id can be searched by providing any of his unique information like user code, branch, Email ID etc.
  4. User Status- Any user / email id can be ACTIVATED or DEACTIVATED by accessing his user status.
  5. Access Privileges- Administrator can assign special rights and privileges to the user/email id as per the requirements.
  6. Change Passwords- Administrator can change the password of any Intended user/email id.
  7. Edit User- Administrator can edit the information or privileges of any user/ email id.
  8. Add / Remove Space- Administrator can Add or Delete the space from any of the user / email id whenever required.

An important part of this solution will provide the proposed domain along with a home page hosting facility, which will include the following features: -

  • Home Page- Administrator will be provided with an interface that will allow them to update and manage the contents of the home page that users are going to view after logging in.
  • Edit Login Page- Administrator will have the access to make necessary all possible changes on the corporate login page from time to time.

Bulk task features allow the Administrator to do a bulk or voluminous tasks at a time just through a click of buttons.

  • Download Master - A .CSV file, which will be downloaded in Excel and will contain a complete list of all your live active users or email ids and their related information like Email ID, First Name, Last Name etc.
  • Add Users/ email id - This feature enables the Administrator to add bulk volumes of users/email id at a time.
  • Deactivate Users/ email id - This feature enables the Administrator to deactivate a large number of users/email id at a time.
  • Edit User/ email id - Administrator can edit the information of any number of user/email id at a time.

Administrator has an access to the reports in real time using the MIS Reports module, which includes the following

  • Renewal Status- It shows the total number of mail accounts and their validity period. Online Renewal and buying options will be available soon.
  • Account Usage- It gives Administrator a complete report view of Total Account details & also provides a complete report on the Actual number of total logins, Total Accounts opened and unique account accessed.
(5) Newsletter

The Administrator can send any bulk communication based on the target to the various groups using the made zones. For e.g.: branches, region, city, designation etc.

  • Create Newsletter- Using this, Newsletter's can either be sent to all the users/emails or to a particular set of targeted users/emails which provides a support of bulk communication at a minimal cost.
  • Edit Newsletter-This facilitates the Administrator to save all communication Newsletters and further enables him to edit them in future and make changes time to time as per requirements.