True Sangrahalaya
The Complete Library Management System
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  • Product Details
    This Product Contains the following modules :
    • Reader's registration
      • General Information (Form No, Registration Date, Session, Name, Degree, Father Name, Unique Id and Address, Country, State, City)

    • Book details
      • General Information (Book No, Purchase Date, Issue Date, Unique Id, Issue Person )

    • Fee details
      • Fee Details(Fee name, Amount, Extra Fee & Total Amount Wise Management)

    • Book availability
      • Search-Book availablity, Issue Details

      • Booking-Book Issueing, Book Reissueing

    • Reader's records
      • General Information-Name,Father Name,Unique Id, Address, Card Details

      • Booking-Book Issue Details, Current Book Issue

    • Complaint details
      • Complaints-Complaints regarding Library Facility or any issue

      • Solution of Complaints-Providing Solution to Complaints

    • Fine management
      • Late Fine-Late Fine Management on late submission of Books

    • Lost/found management
      • Lost/found-Lost/found Management on Lost/found of Books

    • Book Purchase management.
      • Purchase-Purchase Management of Books

    • Inventory management
      • Book Master Book Name, Book Code Wise Management, Opening Store, Rate and Unit Wise Management, Description

      • Book Purchase-Purchase Master,Party Name Wise, Invoice Number Wise, Invoice Date and Entry Date Wise Management

      • Book Release Master-Book Stock Master, Invoice Number, Invoice Master , Total Stock Wise Management

      • Book Statement Master:-Book Name, Date to Date wise Report, Purchase, Release and Balance wise management

    • Book issue to Reader
      • Booking-Book Issue Details, Current Book Issue

    • Book submission management
      • Book Return-Book Return Details, Current Book Return

    Note : * We Support "Need more module or customize any existing module on demand"